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Benefits of The Best Outdoor Cushions

Congratulations! You've found the Outdoor Soft Furnishing Experts!

Beautiful, Affordable, Durable.

We have carefully researched all facets of outdoor soft furnishings so that from design to manufacture, we create the best, most durable, safe, beautiful and affordable products possible.

It is important to us that our customers not only enjoy the look and feel of our products, but they can also rest assured that our products are 100% safe and will last a long time, representing the very best value for money.

Our design team aim to create a unique blend of simple yet stunning collections that are easily combined for an effortless co-ordinated look. You'll be glad you chose Beach Abode Living.

10 Incredible Benefits of our Outdoor Soft Furnishings:

Top Quality Fabrics Materials used to produce our products have been developed using the most modern technologies to be more durable, contain less surface imperfections and allow for higher quality printing reducing colour 'bleed'
 Modern Printing Technologies Designs are digitally printed under high temperature and pressure so the colours are brighter & more vibrant which also enhances their durability when exposed to UV light and heat.
 Versitile / Multi-purpose

For indoor or outdoor use. Soft and comfortable enough to be used indoors. Designed to withstand conditions when used outdoors allowing the user to be free and unconstrained, using our products where ever they please.

 UV Resistant

Fabrics treated with superior UV treatments to ensure the product is resistant to extreme UV, containing antifade properties & SPF 50+

 Water Resistant

Specially designed fabric and superior treatments allows any liquid (eg rain) to bead and run off the surface instead of being absorbed into the fabric.

 Mildew Resistant

Fabrics treated with superior non-harmful anti-microbial treatments which interfere with the growth of mould and mildew, extending the life of our products outdoors and in hot, humid climates.

 Mix & Match

Our collections are designed to utilise a 'Mix & Match' capability to take the headache out of decorating for the user by concentrating on 8 main bright colours, while at the same time offering a subtle mixture of modern and coastal inspired prints maximising the WOW factor.

 Attention To Detail Exquisite workmanship, stitching and finishing touches demonstrate superior quality. Including the perfect allignment of reversible designs at the edges, added piping (sometimes contrasting), durable plastic zippers also means they won't break, deteriorate or rust and stain like metal zippers can.
 Colourfast Dyes - AZO FREE All our BRIGHT coloured dyes are colourfast so they won't mark light lounges or your skin.
*Our fabrics are not solution dyed & are tested to ensure they are free from Azo dyes
Free of Harmful Chemicals Products are regularly inspected and tested for harmful or hazardous chemicals such as AZO dyes which have been found to be carcinogenic. (eg Aminoazobenzene) We are diligent in having our products inspected & tested & have recorded NIL harmful chemicals.


Just 10 more reasons to choose Beach Abode Living.

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